Six Things To Consider When Designing Your Waterfront Home

Megan Monroe

Posted on March 02 2020

Six Tips To Remember When Designing Your Waterfront Home 

By Megan Dial 

 February 27th, 2020

One: Begin with a neutral color palate for finish schedule selections. 

There are many ways to establish a neutral color palette without going straight to gray.  While gray can offer a crisp, clean look; it can oftentimes not provide the warmth necessary for the refreshing feel desired for waterfront living.  In lieu of a gray pallet we suggest starting with a more calming earth tone that offers creamy undertones.


Two: Pick your “Pop Palette”

Once you have established your base palette, it is important to then decide on what two or three colors are going to your “pop” in each space! This is the fun part.  Dare to be bold with fun blues, greens, and corals.  Incorporate this palette throughout the fabrics, wall coverings and art from room to room being sure that each space has color represented a minimum of three times.


Three: Use intentional furniture selections

So often, waterfront homes become the “dumping ground” for old furniture.  This shouldn’t be so.  In order to create a true oasis, the furniture selections for your waterfront space should be just as intentional as in any other setting.  Don’t be afraid to splurge here, and mix stain with painted and old with new.  By selecting pieces that truly compliment the space, your time and money will not be wasted as the final product will be a retreat like no other.


Four: ART, ART, ART!

Waterfront landscapes are absolutely some of my favorite! When designing a waterfront home, I love to incorporate original art that is as organic as the setting of the home itself.  While my go-to art is often a painting of a marsh or lake, I have found it to be so much fun to also use art to move color around the entire home.  For instance: I may use an original abstract or floral painting that actually has no depiction of a landscape but offers the eye catching color pallet I have selected.   Original art can be an investment, but so worth it, so budget accordingly.

Five: Incorporate coffee table books into your décor

Even though I am not a huge reader, I absolutely love thumbing through coffee table books.  Coffee table books are a must for any waterfront décor, as they encourage you to slow down and relax a while.  Whenever I am working on a project I like to find books that specifically represent each homeowner, so don’t be afraid to expand beyond your typical decorators’ book to include books on golfing, fishing, or any other pastime.

Six: Don’t forget the bedding!

Don’t forget the bedding! Bedding is so often an afterthought when it comes to design but is such a key component.  If you’re not looking to break bank go with a quilt set that repeats your color pallet into each bedroom.  Quilts typically run at a fraction of the cost of traditional bedding, allowing a little more room in the budget to truly layer each bed to make an inviting statement.

XOXO- Megan