Southern Hospitality- Stylish Hostess Gifts

Megan Monroe

Posted on March 09 2020

Southern Hospitality

Stylish Hostess Gifts 

One of my goals this year was to get back to the basics in a few different areas of my life.  This includes limiting my screen time, inviting people over for dinner, and putting the “southern values” I was raised with into practice on a more regular basis.  Casual social gatherings have become a nearly lost art form, yet are a fundamental practice in the South.  I have spent the last two months reading books based on southern hospitality and hosting, yet quickly realized upon my own arrival to someone’s home for dinner that I myself was lacking one of the most important elements, a hostess gift. I think we have become so lax in the time with spend with friends and family that we no longer make anything feel like a special occasion, and through our minimal efforts we simultaneously lose a touch of the excitement that makes dinner with friends such a special occasion.  Showing up without a hostess gift would normally be something I would give little thought too (completely disregarding that my entire life my mother would never do the same!), however given my recent reading material I was so disappointment in myself. We have come to rarely expects guests to arrive bearing gifts, and therefore rarely return the gesture. Again, a social faux pas that would have never happened twenty years ago.  I love giving people things that are a bit unexpected and outside the box, and a hostess gift is no different! I am so excited to share my top picks that won’t break the bank!
TrueSouth Puzzles are such fun! I love them because not only do they promote uninterrupted family time, they are all created from illustrations done by a Nashville artist- one of my favorite places! 
A bottle of wine dressed in a fun wine bag-
The perfect gift if you do not know the host personally! Nothing says class like a good bottle of wine in something more than gift bag!
An entertainer’s must-have! I love gifting serving sets because they are typically nicer than any one’s people would buy for themselves, and what better way to say “Thank you for entertaining!”
  I love, love, love coffee table books, so naturally I love to give them other people.  My favorites are little ones that spark curiosity about various topics!
I had a customer one-time gift a friend a set of four linen napkins, and I couldn’t help but think “what a wonderful idea!” Table linens are another item that often times we run to a discount store for when shopping for ourselves, so to gift someone a really nice set is quite a blessing!
A Handmade or Local Item - Being from Covington my favorite treasure is our Oyster Blessing beads made locally! Not only are they beautiful, but what better gift that a “blessing” could you ever give!
XOXO - Megan